Site configuration for a stand alone Lisp Machine

This is a simple site configuration for a stand alone Lisp Machine talking to a file server.

site.lisp: - Change it. hosts.text - Change it. lmlocs.lisp: - Change it. sys.translations: - Change :PHYSICAL-HOST. - Change CHAOS; and SITE; to point to new site directory. ;;; To change a machine's location knowledge: ;;; ;;; (1) Edit this file to correctly list the affected machine's location. ;;; ;;; (2) Compile this file on a LispM, with (MAKE-SYSTEM 'SITE 'COMPILE) ;;; ;;; (3) Load it by doing (MAKE-SYSTEM 'SITE). ;;; ;;; To make this knowledge permanent, do (DISK-SAVE ) immediately after ;;; loading the qfasl file. This will add the new location knowledge to ;;; the band that you loaded the file into. See the LispM Manual, section ;;; 32.10, for more information on saving and restoring bands.