MIT System 78 tree and bands for the MIT CADR

This is System 78.48+patches with microcode 841.

The intent of this tree is to provide a workable, and easily accessible set of bands and microcode for the MIT CADR, that is based on System 78, with corresponding documentation on how to setup things.

This is done as a interim solution while we do not have System 99 working. Additional features should be kept minimal, and only added if they are required.

tape10	2400	Distribution - 78.48		(source code for 78.48)
		ZMail 38.5 Symbolics 8.13
		Tape 6.5 LMFS 21.34
		Microcode 841 1/11/82  BEE
		"(added in pen - ""BROKEN!!"")"

tape11	2400	System 78.48 Band		(LOD1 band for 78.48)
		1/12/82  BEE
		"(in pencil - ""couldn't read 1/21/82  Roberts)"

Known corrupt files:

Extra fixes on top of System 78.48: