MIT System 98 source tree for the MIT CADR

This is System 98.1 with microcode 301(?).

There is no load band, and thus this is not in a runnable state. There is ongoing work to amend that!

This contains a dump of a System 98.0 tape (tape21).

On or about 11/23/83 18:52:16 (epoch time: 2647467777), System 98 was created using microcode 301.

System 98 is now released.  It uses microcode version 306.  It will not
run with earlier microcode versions, and microcode 306 may not be used with
system 97.

System 98 was originally used with microcode 305, but 306 fixes some important bugs.
So all system 98 bands should be updated to use microcode 306.

The following files are known to have errors while reading the tape:

The following file is short, and was the last file on the tape:

The tape (tape21) does not include ZWEI; usually ZWEI was saved to a second tape.