Chaosnet for Unix

Chaosnet was an early (pre-ethernet) computer network developed at MIT. It was an early "common bus" packet network, i.e. all the machines shared a single "wire" and sent packets back and forth.

Chaosnet was used to connect many machines at MIT, most notably the PDP-10's running ITS and the Lisp Machines.

The CADR simulator usim can be a client and uses this code to talk to the FILE server ("FILE" is the file serving protocol used on Chaosnet).

This code was initially written by Brad Parker

Release History

07/11/06 - Fixed FILE server to force everything to lower case (still a bug in close - don't open multiple files). Some macos fixes, doesn't work yet in big endian. Works well enough to support (si:recompile-world).

12/13/05 - Original release.