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The pikchr.c source file.

The latest trunk version of the C source file for Pikchr is always available from the following link:

This is everything you need if you just want to build the Pikchr command-line tool, or use the Pikchr library in another application. Compile this file using commands like these:

See the How To Compile Pikchr and the How To Integrate Pikchr Into New Systems documents for more details on how to compile Pikchr.

Complete Source Tree Tarball

A tarball or ZIP archive of the latest source code is available at the following links:

With the complete source tree on your local machine, you can run "make test" to build and test Pikchr.

Clone The Fossil Repository

Pikchr uses Fossil for version control. You can clone the entire repository (which includes everything on this website, including all the documentation and test cases) as follows:

After you have the repository cloned, you can bring in any updates using:

Once you have a clone of the Fossil repository, you can bring up a copy of this website on your local machine by typing:

See the Fossil documentation for more information on how manage a Fossil repository.

Clone The GitHub Mirror

There is a (read-only) mirror of this repository on GitHub