LM-3 --- resurrecting the MIT CADR


System 300.0 has NOW been released. You can get it from https://tumbleweed.nu/system-300-0-release/. Please upgrade from System 100 as soon as possible, System 300 contains numerous fixes that make it usable on the Global Chaosnet.

News and Announcements (Old entries)

Comments, suggestions, or criticisms are welcomed. Please send to BUG-LISPM, the Chat or visit #lispm on irc.libera.chat.

Umbrella projects

These are umbrella projects that contain documentation and programs to make it easier setting up the MIT CADR and Lisp Machine environment either for normal use, or bootstrapping and debugging.

System sources, bands and microcode

Old System source trees

These are mostly interesting from historical perspective, all versions that work will be available in SYS repository at some point in time.

Simulator / HDL

Bootstrapping hacks


Lisp Machine



Other things ...

Please send questions or bug reports to BUG-LISPM.

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