ISCAS High-Level Models


ISCAS High-Level Models

These pages contain high-level models for all ISCAS-85, several of the smaller ISCAS-89, and several 74X-series circuits. These models may be freely copied and used for research purposes.

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 ISCAS-85 Circuits:

 ISCAS-89 Circuits:

 74X-Series Circuits:

Acknowledgement: The reverse engineering work was carried out at the University of Michigan by Mark Hansen, Hakan Yalcin, and John Hayes. They would like to thank Hyungwon Kim for his assistance in constructing some of the Verilog models, as well as Hussain Al-Asaad and Jonathan Hauke for checking the models. Thanks are also due to Delphi Delco Electronics Systems, the National Science Foundation (under Grant No. MIP-9503463), and the Semiconductor Research Corporation for supporting various portions of the research contributing to this effort.